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How do I write a business plan?

Writing a basic business plan for investors is not difficult, even if you are not an expert. Indeed, there are some things that you must take into consideration when you want to expand your company, but the entire process may be easier than you expect. In a few words, a basic business plan needs to cover the operations, the marketing and the financial projections. Yep, that's all! Now let's find out what exactly all this means!

First of all, you have to give them an insight to your company. It is important to provide an analysis that is accurate and easy to understand, not to mention that you have to rely on verified sources. Provide some information about the history of your company, the current number and expectations for the next year.

At the same time, you have to provide a clear analysis of the industry you are working on; what are the trends? Why is your potential business right where it should be and how does it fit on the current market? Make sure you only provide reputable sources for your information and that you show them why the market needs your business.

Another important thing that can't miss from your business plan is the marketing. How are you planning to run your business? What are you planning to do to advertise your business to potential customers? What are the resources that you can use to reach your target audience? Is it the right time to make such a move? Your business plan needs to answer all these questions.

Now, you need to talk money. Once you convince the investors that you have an idea worth considering, and you explained why, and how this is going to work, you have to tell them exactly what you need. At this step, you have to be extremely precise; you have to be ready to explain why you need that amount of money and how are you going to use it.

Since they will give you money to invest, they also need to know the financial expectations on the long term. They need to know how much they will get back from your business and how you will be able to maintain these numbers on the long term.

Although all this may seem confusing, you have to remember that most of the investors are not specialists in business planning. They know how to deal with their money, but they don't want to get in charge of your company. This means that you don't have to get into depth with every small detail of the manufacturing process.

Keep the business plan as focused on the results as possible, and make sure that everything you say is true and can be verified by anyone with ease. Don't use numbers and charts that you can't verify, and make sure you keep everything looking professional.