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How do I get more traffic to my website?

There are various ways to increase traffic to your website and they include pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), email, social brand building, affiliate programs and the more traditional means of newspaper advertising. The aim is to get conversion from traffic by understanding your market and customer base. Targeting your campaign correctly demands a marketing plan and a budget.

In order to see an increase and conversion, you need to optimize the content of your website because it's not only about SEO. Blogs and their headlines should be interesting for your audience and internal links are important. Know your traffic statistics by using a good tool like Google Analytics and keep track of content.
- By using social media strategies, you will be able to drive traffic to your website if you share the content correctly. This should be optimized for each platform and have a sharing schedule and keep an eye on how they are performing.
- Reaching new audiences by writing guest posts and getting your content republished on other publications with a large audience and have it link back to you.
- Get recurring traffic by creating an email list and offer incentives like "sign up" or "join our newsletter". Push notifications messages are also a wonderful tool.
- Repurposing content to be distributed to different channels will offer the desired results because quality is not always enough, quantity is just as important. The idea is to take a blog post and turn it into any number of things, e.g. into a slide presentation or a newsletter.

These are a few basic steps that will get you more traffic.