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How Do I Choose The Right Name For My Business?

So you've had your lightbulb moment and created a business plan. The next step is to choose the right name for your business; it needs to put what you do in a nutshell. Your business name isn't just a name, it offers a first impression to potential customers. It is the bigger picture of your business which communicates what you can offer. Public Relations services advise that your business name should be carefully developed to help you stand out from the crowd. Once you have decided on a name and created your USP, your brand will be ready to take action with prospective customers.

You should thoroughly research a number of aspects before deciding on a business name. Look into what your competitors are using. Accordingly, you have to find a distinctive name which matches your services. Names should not be misleading or confusing for potential customers. They should be unique and creative in nature. You may use random words and work to build an association with your services. The logical approach is to incorporate something which can be found through online searches.

Some people advocate for naming a business after yourself. This shows pride, intent, and honesty compared to using a nondescript name. It is recommended that full names should be used for businesses over nicknames, as the former implies quality and purpose. Businesses work well when using the founders' name. This works well for Law and Consultancy brands, but not for hi-tech, design, or manufacturing firms.

You should utilize punchy taglines to add more detail; your business name doesn't have to say it all. If you plan to focus on obtaining customers in your local area, you can use names that mention the geographical area. To avoid the issue of duplicity, you can register your business name. During the registration process, you will discover if your chosen name is too similar to one that has been registered by a competitor. Registration will guide you to choose the right name for your business and ensure you don't accidentally use sensitive or misleading words. It will enable you to license your name, and you will be able to take action against anyone who copies your business name.

As previously mentioned, research is important. Make sure you list some possibilities and match those names with your product or services before making a final decision. Which name best fits your objectives? Which accurately describes the company you have in mind? Don't rush the process, most professional firms devote at least six weeks to the naming process.